Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Challenge!

Brought to book:
Definition: To punish or be made to account for something you have done wrong.

I have been brought to book. My crime isn't a serious one - infact, I'm sure it's one many of you have committed too. The crime, dear reader, is that of buying books and then not reading them!

I have been guilty of buying books; many books, with all good intentions of reading them. They sit on my shelves, glowering at me, despising me for abandoning them there and moving onto the next "must read".

It really has to stop. So, I have set myself a challenge. No more book buying until I have read the un-reads.

Here are the rules: 
  1. No book buying. Absolutely no one-click sneak buys on Amazon. No, not even if it's 0.01p! 
  2. Borrowing from the library doesn't count.
  3. Nor do e-loans from said library.
  4. Incidental gifts of books don't count (they just get added to the un-reads)
  5. The Rights of the Reader apply.  [The Rights of the Reader]
 In the process I hope to share some great reads with you. (After all, I chose these books in the first place.) Alert you to some strange, fascinating books, books worthy of being read.  By doing so, I hope to keep a record of a year's reading and keep a tag on those dearly wanted new books for when the challenge is over.

So, here goes. Wish me luck and if you have a moment do let me know of your own un-reads. You never know, they may make it onto my wish list...

Books bought 0 : Books read 0

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